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What You Need to Know before your First visit

Please note that the first appointment will be 75 minutes - the first 15 minutes being a free assessment.

After the first session the Structural Integration Sessions lasts approximately one hour

When you book your appointments please be advised that you will be required to undergo 10 treatment sessions. You can book once a week for ten weeks or once a month for ten months or anything in between, it is important to stay within these parameters to ensure an optimal outcome.

What to wear

I ask that you wear “viewing clothes” which will consist of one of the following:

For women Yoga shorts (mid-thigh, not tight) and a sports bra, underwear and bra if you are comfortable or
               2-piece bathing suit

For men Briefs, shorts. Shorts need to be stretchy and mid-thigh length.

You will be up and down off the table and moving around during the sessions so make sure your clothes are comfortable and supportive where needed.