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Privacy of Information Policy Under PHIPA

The Manager of the Privacy Policy for this clinic is Yvonne De Villiers RMT

Collection of Information

We collect only the information required to provide safe and effective health care. We request that clients provide us with general and emergency contacts so that we may notify you of any changes of time or cancellation of appointments. We also record addresses so that we may provide information or receipts as needed.

Keeping The Files

Files are kept in a secure location for 10 years after the last appointment, as required by RHPA. Client files are the property of your Massage Therapist at this clinic. If your therapist leaves the clinic, your file will remain the property of your Massage Therapist.

Once your personal information is no longer required, it will be destroyed. Information is kept in paper format.

Access To Files And Information

Only the therapist who is treating you will have access to your file. If you agree to have massage treatment with another therapist at our clinic, then that RMT will have access to your health records. If you consent to a referral to another healthcare practitioner, then basic information will be forwarded to that practitioner.

If information is required by any third party, such as an insurance company, lawyer or other health care provider, your written consent will be required before any information or documents are released.

If you wish to have us consult with another of your health providers, we will ask for your signed consent.

Client Access To Files

Clients have the right to see and read their files. A written request must be received 7 business days in advance. The privacy officer will assist you to understand the information in the file.

Clients have a right to request changes to the personal information in their file. In any case where the privacy officer and the client cannot agree on an amendment to the information, such disagreements may be taken to the Information and Privacy Commissioner who may review the situation.

We will request reasonable payment for any photocopies, consultation or summary of client files. We will provide you with an estimate of the total cost in advance of processing your request.


We will use a method of communication agreed to in advance with each client. This may include telephone, voice mail messages, text or e-mail.